Access Statement


The Lakes B and B is a traditional Lakeland stone Victorian Guest House built in the 1880s. The B and B is located on Church Street, a one way street in the heart of Ambleside. There are four guest rooms all with en suit of varying sizes over two floors, providing bed and breakfast for up to 8 guests. The dining room is at the front of the guest house on the ground floor. The owner’s accommodation is in the property.


All bookings are confirmed via email with terms and conditions included (if this is problematic a confirmation may be posted). Additional information is available on our website, including photographs of guest rooms and breakfast menu.

Bus stops are located in an adjacent street, Kelsick Road. The buses run frequently providing links to both the North and South, timetables are available in reception. Windermere is the nearest train station 4 miles away, where links to Oxenholme on the West Coast Main Line and onward travel are possible. Taxis and buses are available outside Windermere station. Contact details for local taxi firms are always available at reception. Contact may be made by telephone or email.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted. We are unable to accommodate pets.

Arrival & car parking facilities

Check-in is between 3pm and 7pm unless otherwise pre-arranged. Each room has free parking for one vehicle at one of two sites, one space is in front of the b and b and whilst the others have permits for South Lakeland Council public car parks, the closest of which is 200metres away. Both have level access. Guests will be allocated a space on arrival and provided with a permit and directions, depending upon location. All permits must be returned at check out. Ambleside operates a street parking disc system, with no restrictions each evening (6pm until 10am). Outside of these hours the owners can provide an Ambleside parking disc, which enables the holder to park their car (with disc displayed in their window screen) for one hour. This is ideal for unloading bags and suitcases. Cars with disabled parking permits (the “blue badges”) may park on the street outside the guest house for the duration of their stay, with no restrictions. Assistance will always be offered by the owners to carry luggage or assist if required.

Main entrance & reception

The main entrance to the b and b is via the main door located on Compton Street (adjacent to Church Street). There is a doorbell to call the owners on arrival. The the b and b telephone number is available on all correspondence, literature in the hall way and on the signage at the front of the property. The owners mobile telephone numbers are displayed at reception when there may be a need for the owners to be off-site. The front door is always locked, all guests will be supplied with keys to open the main front door and their bedroom door. The main door automatically locks once the door has been pulled closed. The front porch is lit up at night and will automatically go off at 01:00.

At the front of the guest house there is a paved area, this is the only area where guests are allowed to smoke. The main entrance (side of building) has a small section of decking acting as a step up to the door entrance. This step is 30mm high and the door opening width is 985mm, which leads directly into the hallway. The hallway measures 2000mm x 1350mm. There is a side board on the left and has a height of 720mm for registration purposes. There is an internal door 710mm wide on the left hand side and opens into the breakfast room, there is a 30mm step into this room. A library of books and maps are available on the right as you step into the breakfast room.

There is a laundry facility, used for in-house laundry only. Wet coats and outdoor gear, can be hung on coat pegs in the entrance hall or ask owners if we can place them elsewhere. There are rubber mats for wet shoes/boots and a shoe-stand where shoes can also be stored.

Breakfast Room Facilities

The breakfast room is located on the ground floor to the front of the property, looking out onto Church Street. The door is latched open during breakfast and the floor is carpeted. The self-service cold buffet is provided on a breakfast bar 810mm high. If motability is an issue, buffet items can be offered as table service on request. The four tables are well spaced out in the room and have a clearance height of 650mm the chairs have a height of 470mm with no arms. Menus are placed in each guest room for ordering breakfast items the night before. If required enlarged menus are available. Vegetarian, coeliac, vegan and special diets can be catered for on request.

Internal public areas

The stairs and upper landings are carpeted. There is emergency lighting provided as required for normal fire regulations, therefore public areas are all dimly lit even at night for safe evacuation in an emergency situation. All stairways are walled on one side with wooden banisters 800mm high on the other side. The stairways are 800mm wide, 280mm deep and 180mm high. There are 10 steps leading up to a small landing of a maximum size of 1760mm x1020mm and further 7 steps lead to the first floor bedrooms. This  landing is a maximum size of 1900mm x1900mm, there is a bookcase on this landing measuring 840mm x 320mm. There are 9 steps to the next small landing. This landing is 1760mm x 1040mm has a foam fire extinguisher on the floor in the corner. A further 7 steps lead to the final landing which is 1890mm x 1660mm. There is a wooden storage trunk 800mm x 440mm on the floor for private use only. All guest rooms doors are wooden fire doors with traditional mortise key locks.

Guest rooms(all en suite with door opening into the bedroom).

Room 1

Door with clearance of 740mm.

Double bed mattress height 66mm from floor, there is no footboard.

Space on left side of bed to wall is 540mm, ceiling slopes upwards from1530mm at the wall to 1800mm above the edge of the bed and then onwards to above 2500 mm.

Space on right side more than 2000mm.

Settee at end of bed then 900mm space to chest of drawers. 

En suite 

Shower cubicle has a step up height of 250mm.

Maximum opening of shower doors 420mm.

Washbasin height is 830mm.

Toilet height is 430mm, gap from shower is 300mm.

Free space minimum size is 670mm x 1350mm.

Tiled floor.

Room 2

Door with clearance of 790mm, door opening into bedroom.

Double bed mattress height 600mm from floor, there is no footboard.

Distance from end of bed to unit to dressing table unit is 960mm.

Space from sides of bed to wall 280mm to 600mm on left hand side.

Ceiling on left side slopes from minimum height near wall of 1520mm to 1660 mm and then over bed it rises to above 2500mm.

Right side of spend space opens up to more than 2000mm. 

En suite 

Shower cubicle has a step up height of 260mm.

Maximum opening of shower doors 420mm.

Washbasin height is 860mm.

Toilet height is 440mm& gap to shower is 400mm.

Free floor space minimum of 670mm x 1350mm.

Tiled floor.

Room 3

Door with clearance of 750mm, door opening into bedroom.

Double bed mattress height 60mm from floor no footboard.

Distance from end of bed to unit 860mm.

Space from sides of bed to walls 300mm left and right sides. 

En suite

Door frame clearance is 750mm

Tiled Step up to shower area is 130mm.

Shower cubicle has a step up height of 140mm.

Maximum opening of shower door is 460mm.

Washbasin height is 825mm.

Toilet height is 410mm, gap from shower 800mm.

Free space maximum of 2350mm x 1450mm.

Tiled floor.

Room 4

Door with clearance of 740mm, door opening into bedroom.

Super-king bed mattress height 610mm from floor and no footboard.

Bucket chairs at end of bed, clearance from these to chest of drawers is 940mm.

Space either side of bed is 500mm right 900mm left.

Single bed mattress height 600, no footboard and 300mm space at end of bed.

Left hand side of bed next to wall right hand side space 900mm. 

En suite 

Shower cubicle has a step up height of 230mm.

Maximum opening of shower doors 420mm.

Washbasin height is 830mm.

Toilet height is 440mm and gap from shower is 800mm.

Free space maximum 1400mm x 2300mm

Tiled floor

Additional Information

All evacuation procedures are clearly described on the rear of each guest room door and again in the visitor welcome pack, in each room. The front door is used in the need of evacuation. Smoke detectors are in all rooms and landings. Fire alarms will sound in the event of an emergency. If there are guests who cannot hear well, it is requested they make this known to the owners, so arrangements can be made in the event of an emergency to evacuate the relevant guests in a safe manner.

Contact Information Address 

The Lakes B and B, Church Street, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 0BT Telephone: 015394 31062 Email:, Website:, We welcome your feedback to help us to continually improve our services.